Asian Fusion


Natural, zen, serene, calm, soothing and practical are the adjectives that aptly describes the ASIAN FUSION DESIGNs. It is like once in a lifetime occurrence where an extremely practical design like modern designs falls for the Asian designs, an epitome of soulful design. Thus, they end up bringing out the best in each other. Asian interior design in general is the celebration of the nature and its surroundings, aiming at bringing the outside nature inside. Whether it is a Japanese, Thai, Chinese or Indian look, the focus is on the minimalism, freedom and openness of space. However, the modern interior designs are more about light, form, colors, simple patterns, lines, textures. In short, it too aims at minimalism along with the attainable beautification. Hence, Asian Modern, the combination of the two is a treat not only for the eyes but also for the soul.


Generally, while thinking about the Asian Interior Styling the focus is on the bold symbolic colors and ornate antiques. It is a fusion of cultures, styles and civilizations. These designs could be intricate and minimalist and also everything in between at the same time.

  • Nature colors are the major inspiration behind the ASIAN FUSION DESIGNs, and that is the reason this decoration sometimes even replicate the scenic landscapes.
  • White, beige, gray, understated light blues are often used as a background – all the colors though used in background has a huge spiritual importance and represents purity, innocence, depth and concentration respectively.
  • But certain colors like red, pink, purples are also used as accents for adding some energy, romance, and royalty respectively.


Use golden tones to give a touch of luxury and add in splashes of black hues if you want a hint of mystic charm. Matte black is a great finsh that won’t overthrow other decor elements in a room. Chrome can also be a great metal to add in a touch of modern flare.

  • Different breeds of wood are used for the furniture, and the flooring. Keeping the colors of the wood neutral to seamlessly bled with the rest of the style
  • Asian Modern home décor is gaining immense popularity these days as more people are opting for the minimalism and spiritual enlightenment


Using sustainable bamboo blinds in place of traditional drapes, smooth polished stones as river rocks, tatami mats. Potted plants and shrubs and using natural fragrance like sandalwood incense, scented candles and wind chimes can add a touch of cheeriness.

  • Using water to create an equilibrium, incorporate a small water feature in the living or entrance area or even in the backyard.
  • For a lively water feature go for a koi pond.
  • Use chinoiserie as wallpapers and Japanese Shoji screens to divide the rooms.
  • Use some laughing buddha statues or any other fine art piece.


The history of ASIAN FUSION DESIGN is a bit ambiguous. The main reason behind this ambiguity is the vast geographical area of Asia, comprising of 48 different countries and 3 territories. It is impossible to unify the cultural diversity of these countries using one history. You will see inspiration derived from the Asian arts, architectures and cultures brought over after Word War II, but Asian Fusion is still new and can be interpreted in many ways. Asian Fusion has spread due to the increased accessibility and exposure to different cultures.


Asian Fusion designs were built on the principle of echoing the heart’s feeling. Meant for the spiritual elevation, this design connected the soul with its surroundings and celebrated the nature even by simple gestures like including flower pots or a small table fountain in the decorations. Asian modern themed home décor pays more attention to the quality and details than the quantity. It is meant for those people who recognize and enjoy the distinctiveness of the Asian arts and traditional forms.