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The Bohemian design style takes one on a journey. It can be a very personal look when adding unique trinkets and pieces from travels for decoration. It’s not a boring style and instead is a semi-chaotic cohesive funky vibe. Bringing in the outdoors, choosing very colorful, multi-dimensional aspects helps to make a space eclectic but also casual and homey. Energetic pops of color throughout the room bring out the artistic and intellectual lifestyle this style originated from. It’s fun, colorful, and emulates nomadic life.


Because this design style is very colorful, defining a color palette that works for you is important. Random colors can be brought together to form an intriguing feel. It can break the conventional rules of design and still look cohesive because of its unifying look. Rich jewel tones like emerald, ruby, lots of gold, teal, and purple work great. Beautiful rich colors can add fun to an area and liven it up. Muted tones are an option if a less classic Boho look is desired. A neutral palette full of pastels, cream, and white can be mixed with brighter loud colors. Bohemian can be masculine with a lot of black and white as long as the color palette is defined.

  • The boho palette leans heavily towards the earthy, jewels and metallics tones.
  • Deep browns, grays and greens which imparts stability, balance and creativity respectively as a base.
  • Fiery orange, purple and electric blue which adds fun, mystery and sincerity respectively are used to accessorize


Playing with patterns is a major part of the Bohemian design style. Layering patterns such as Southwestern, Morrocan, or tribal add to its signature eclectic beauty. Including various textures and finishes like different woods and rugs warms up the space. Cotton, wool, leather, crochet, and other warm materials are aesthetically pleasing when mixed with plants and fun colors around the room. Fringed pieces when mixed with simple finishes give a funky look.

  • A bright cherry wood floor would be a great addition to a Bohemian pallette , especially against some beautiful wrought iron sconces.
  • Painted silver, satin black, aged brass can all fit happily with a home with Boho style
  • Try and keep a rule of three as to not overwhelm your space, try choosing finishes that will blend well.


The Bohemian style encourages a playful environment. Bringing in treasured possessions and pleasures and layering different forms and shapes bring the space to life. A mix of organic and geometric shapes while sticking to the defined color palette is important. Using materials such as wicker and rattan can create interesting shapes and detail that add to the Boho style. Vintage forms added with new shapes display dimensionality. Embellished pieces can be transformed into the overall vibe.

  • Combine silk and chenille with basic and natural materials like sisal or burlap. Use macramé abound and fringe crochet- curtains, rugs and pillows
  • Embrace the natural world and use ferns and hanging plants like lilies and philodendron to bring life into your room,
  • Use a family heirloom or any object from your travels or even any handmade item to pull up that boho room look


The Bohemian design style is all about replacing standard beauty rules with embracing the unconventional. Beginning in 19th century Paris, the style has translated into a care-free, semi-chaotic vibe full of bright colors and homey textures. Artists, writers, and musicians at the time were fed up with the strictness of upper-class trends and started to break out with their own aesthetic values. Instead of conforming to the system, they decided to bring in pieces from their travels for decoration, and a pleasing eclectic design style was born. Today, Boho gives homage to a 70s groovy coolness.


The original philosophy of Bohemian design style is counter-culture. People who are drawn to it have a wanderlust vibe and it can be very individualistic and unconventional. Breaking the rules and valuing play over order is essential to this style’s attitude. Intricate tapestries and wallpaper, fun fabrics and furniture, and detailed handcrafted lighting fixtures have all emerged due to the multi-cultural elements of this design look.