Coastal Craftsman design, a grand celebration of the best of both worlds of coastal and craftsman designs. It is a harmonious blend of two of most soothing, cozy and comfortable styles of interior designing. American Craftsman architectural design is one of the most Googled designs in the past twelve months specially in the United States. In fact, it is also one of the most preferred designs in the English movies and shows.


Both the coastal and craftsman designs share the same love for the wood and therefore wood becomes an integral part of the coastal craftsman design and its used in the following ways. Natural furniture made from wicker and rattan are also common but sometimes to add dimensions slip-covers in light linen and cotton are used.

  • Other natural materials are also used like jute, seagrass or straw, in things like rugs or throw pillows
  • Crisp White is appropriate for a beach house since it is an ideal color to maintain the minimalism and also reflects light and keep the rooms look uncluttered. It evokes the feeling of newness and rejuvenation.
  • Accent colors like khaki, warmer beige, light blues, greens and grays could also be used to recreate all thee colors associated with the beach and its surroundings. These colors impart joy, relaxation, reliability and sophistication to the house.


The coastal craftsman design is for anyone and everyone who loves beach vacations and wants to experience the joys of summer throughout the year inside their cozy homes.

  • Blond woods like beach and ash are used for flooring because it is durable and also replicates the sand colors of beaches.
  • Other key is to avoid any flashy textures and shiny materials.
  • Keep your Finishes subtle, stick with satins or matte finishes to keep a nice flow to your design.


Certain seaside touches like glass bottles, blue glass vases, shells and woven baskets could be used but the key is to use it in restraint because the focus is still on the minimalism.

  • Minimize window treatments and use white colored, light curtains to keep it easy breezy.
  • Can also use some lights from the mid-century modern designs.
  • A house is not considered as cozy unless it has a fireplace and since coastal craftsman is the epitome of coziness, fireplace is a must.


Coastal Craftsman as a style was introduced by Bill Foley, master planner and president of Foley Design Associates. This design has its roots in the Craftsman style which was a result of the famous British ‘Arts and Crafts’ movement in the late 19th century to revive the handicrafts. This movement reached the United States in the 20th century where Gustav Stickley, a well-known furniture maker and the founder of The Craftsman magazine became its face. The term ‘Craftsman’ was used to describe a house built in accordance to the Stickley’s magazine.


The philosophy behind the coastal craftsman design is to complement the natural landscape surroundings genuinely. It is also inspired by the sensitivity of the arts and crafts movements and hence share the idea of individualism yet attainability. It was created to provide a sense of indigenous place and traditions most common around the gulf coasts. The idea was to create a design which was necessary, useful and also beautiful. This design was created with the aim of providing cozy spaces, fantastic kitchens, and inviting hearths.