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The Coastal Craftsman design style arose from the arts and crafts movement so there is a value for quality artistry. Mixing the beachy style with a more nautical tone communicates a highly sophisticated and chic look that is very popular today. It works well with bungalow-style homes and offers a modern, cozy interior. Serenity, harmony, a close relationship with the natural environment, and genuine craftsmanship are what it’s all about.


Lighter tones, usually in the shades of green, beige, blue, and white emulate a calming feel that works best for the coastal aspect of this aesthetic style. The craftsman aspect of the design gives off a cozy sensation so touches of color such as dark green, olive, or even yellow or orange are perfect. Mixing light and dark hues can communicate a more dramatic and luxurious tone. Going a more casual route means introducing a colorful brighter palette. Blue shades are another color theme option that translates the Coastal-craftsman design style and creates a comfortable soothing space. Indigo and khaki are fun pops of color to add to the room for a chic look.

  • Other natural materials are also used like jute, seagrass or straw, in things like rugs or throw pillows
  • Crisp White is appropriate for a beach house since it is an ideal color to maintain the minimalism and also reflects light and keep the rooms look uncluttered. It evokes the feeling of newness and rejuvenation.
  • Accent colors like khaki, warmer beige, light blues, greens and grays could also be used to recreate all thee colors associated with the beach and its surroundings. These colors impart joy, relaxation, reliability and sophistication to the house.


Organic materials, beachy textures, fabrics such as cotton, linen, twine, all add to the nautical look of Coastal Craftsman. Using muted denim can give off a casual look and using more subtler finishes like flat and matte give a more modern feel. Add some shine! Bringing in shiny elements to this look brightens up the space and makes it sophisticated and clean. Driftwood is an important natural element that can be used for furniture, decoration elements, and other applications. Showcasing the raw textures of wood enhances the environment and complements simple furniture. Jute, seagrass, wicker, and burlap are fiber-full materials that encompass this style.

  • Blond woods like beach and ash are used for flooring because it is durable and also replicates the sand colors of beaches.
  • Other key is to avoid any flashy textures and shiny materials.
  • Keep your Finishes subtle, stick with satins or matte finishes to keep a nice flow to your design.


Some of the shapes that reinforce the Coastal Craftsman design style are straight, sleek lines mixed with organic forms that symbolize aspects of nature. Ranging from beachy-themed accessories to warm-toned decoration and lighting can give off that nautical vibe. It’s a very neutral design so keeping a decluttered space is key. Organize by using decorative elements such as baskets, geometrically shaped storage boxes or bookshelves for the modern look, or blankets and bins that match the color tones chosen.

  • Minimize window treatments and use white colored, light curtains to keep it easy breezy.
  • Can also use some lights from the mid-century modern designs.
  • A house is not considered as cozy unless it has a fireplace and since coastal craftsman is the epitome of coziness, fireplace is a must.


Rising in popularity at the turn of the 19th century, this style emerged from the infamous arts and crafts movement. A shared appreciation for the working class grew among both British and American cultures. Well-made things became extremely important and were transformed into a beautifully curated interior design style. Today, it is a popular look for many around the world, especially along coastal areas.


The main philosophy of Coastal Craftsman design is to emphasize a bond between nature and lifestyle through texture, color, and lighting. While the coastal side of this style is heavily influenced by the ocean, surfing, the beach, sand, and the sky, the craftsman side relates to a more American architectural homey feel. Combining the two only communicates the relaxing one-with-nature experience even more. Valuing quality over quantity brings style come to life.