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Inspired by the glamorous and comfy Las Vegas hotels, this design style feels like a luxurious getaway. Contemporary and clean, it brightens moods everywhere. Spunk, coolness, and sophistication are represented through splashes of color, varied patterns and textures, and industrial touches. Not only is it edgy, but this look translates an urban modern vibe for those who seek high-end fashionable elegance.


When mixed with subtle tones, loud and bright colors can offset the feeling of a room to create the Cosmo design style. Purples, blue-greens, browns, and golds all work well with this vibe, especially when mixed with white. For a darker feel, black details accentuate other colors and tones and elevate the entire area. Choose neutral-colored furniture with bright-colored walls and lighting for a defined design. Darker-colored furniture matched with white walls is another option for the Cosmopolitan style. Rich colors such as plum purple, emerald green, or navy blue work well as accents as long as the color is continued throughout the space for a cohesive look.

  • Add plush, luxurious materials to your decor.
  • Adding a playfully rough texture to a wall will add an interesting focal point that can accompany any fabulous painting.
  • Take your favorite metallic material and buy your lighting in the color!


The Cosmo design style includes various textures and finishes such as silk, velvet, patterned wallpaper, marble, and gold. For an aesthetically pleasing look, mix and match simple materials like glass or wood veneer with textures that show more dimensional qualities. Brass, terrazzo, plaster, burlwood, travertine, colored glass and plastics, lucite, and boucle are great materials to include as furniture or decorative elements. Like with colors, going in either a calm or bold direction in terms of textures or finishes works well for the Cosmo style.

  • The neutrals add in the sophistication, minimalism, reliance.
  • The warm tones are more for excitement, joy, attention and glamour.
  • The cool tones impart depth and charm to the posh look.


Integrating comfort and bold sculptural shapes is important in this design. Choosing modern and minimal furniture will display sleek sophistication. The Cosmo style also celebrates natural elements, so including plants into the space can create a multifunctional atmosphere. It addresses attitudes of luxury and this can be achieved through utilizing simple lines, furniture with rounded corners and edges, and large curtains that run from ceiling to floor. Overall, it is hard to go wrong with the forms and shapes in this design. Choosing materials and furniture that are cohesive with each other will bring out the liveliness of the space and is an exciting process.

  • Comfortable and soft furnishings are a must for this design, think of the natural materials in any warm tones over gray, white or wood flooring.
  • Use metallic accents, some side chairs or petite stools in dark tones like blues or greens for additional hints of color in the space.
  • Introduce some plants or botanicals to add in the natural and organic feel.


Making its’ statement in the 1970s-1990s, the Cosmo design style developed out of the revival of post-modernism. The desire to break free from the regular styles of the time into hospitality design is what drove it into fruition. Its’ unconventional, flashy, and complex aspects keep it alive today. However, throughout the years, it has faced backlash and controversy because of its’ loud use of color. With a priority of form over function, this design style captivates the bold and brave. A timeless and classy essence is felt when viewing elements of Cosmo.


Lively Las Vegas is the front runner for the philosophy of the Cosmo design style. Highlighting the value of color and minimalist elements makes one feel as if they are in a hotel without ever leaving home. The sleek and modern design represents luxury and modern elegance that transcends time. Why not spruce up the everyday routine of life with sophistication and style?