The cosmopolitan design is ideal for the sophisticated city dweller. It propagates the idea that glamour should begin at home. This design is always on trend due to the combination of comfort and glamour. It could easily be combined with modern, contemporary, industrial and French designs. If you love varied patterns and textures or splashes of color, the Cosmo style is for you. The perfect example of this design is The Cosmopolitan, a 3,027 – room luxury hotel & resort casino of Las Vegas in Nevada.


The Cosmo design is all about the sophistication, modernism, minimalism and also the glamour. Hence, the neutrals like white, gray, brown, black, beige are the go-to colors but to jazz it up certain warm colors like yellow, orange, red and cool tones mostly different shades of blue and light pink are often used.

  • Add plush, luxurious materials to your decor.
  • Adding a playfully rough texture to a wall will add an interesting focal point that can accompany any fabulous painting.
  • Take your favorite metallic material and buy your lighting in the color!


Adding a distinct statement adds in the personality, it could be any statement light or furniture for example different types of chandeliers, wall scones, pendants or Arne Jacobsen’s chairs like swan chairs, egg chairs, etc. Art works or bold patterned rugs or sometimes even vibrant colors, anything unique could be used as a statement but do not use many statement pieces in one room. There should be continuity in different rooms of the Cosmo house but they should not be the replicas of each other, using the same colors is a great way create the continuity. It could be the color of walls, furnishings or even the complimentary fabrics.

  • The neutrals add in the sophistication, minimalism, reliance.
  • The warm tones are more for excitement, joy, attention and glamour.
  • The cool tones impart depth and charm to the posh look.


The scale and furnishing are very important to differentiate between the edgy & raw industrial style and the comfy & glamorous Cosmo styles. You can draw inspirations from the following points. Use the scale to introduce some interesting elements to your décor like putting the oversized pieces with the petite or playing with the rich mixes and experiments for instance put the simple shaped but large pendant lights over the kitchen island and it instantly creates the drama.

  • Comfortable and soft furnishings are a must for this design, think of the natural materials in any warm tones over gray, white or wood flooring.
  • Use metallic accents, some side chairs or petite stools in dark tones like blues or greens for additional hints of color in the space.
  • Introduce some plants or botanicals to add in the natural and organic feel.


Cosmo designs can be traced back to New Modern or Art Deco designs which directly conflicted traditional designs. The goal for these designs was to ‘master the sky’. Since the cities were growing vertically, there was a need to create more accommodation. In response, the architecture and decorations were made sleeker and the cosmopolitan design emerged.

After the market crash of the 1929, streamlined Modern, a simpler version of Art Deco design was introduced. Straightforward designs without any ostentatious display were at the forefront. The entire idea of Cosmo theme décor was revolutionized in 2010, after the completion of The Cosmopolitan Hotel.


The basic philosophy behind the Cosmo design is to create a place which is both comfortable and glamorous at the same time. It was introduced in order to make any space more refined, sophisticated and contemporary. It is a perfect design for the city lovers allowing them to create their own urban oasis.