French Country Farmhouse

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Practical elegance is what the French Country Farmhouse design style emanates beautifully. Its’ luxury, excess of natural light and rustic elements present a romantic feel that welcomes anyone into the space. Based on the simple outline of the French farmhouse, interior details are ornate, classical, and traditional. Pairing the look with period furniture or statement pieces, intricate lighting, and soft fabrics creates a room that is chic and cozy. The style can be emphasized with touches of greenery and lots of neutral and warm colors and tones.


The French Country Farmhouse design style is romantic, comfy, and classical. Using calming neutrals with some darker wood tones brings this look to life. Soft or muted colors and lots of white are great ideas to include in your space. Choose brighter oranges or brighter greens for a more vibrant theme. Touches of green throughout the area helps to highlight any plants or botanical accessories you bring in to decorate your home. Beiges, creams, light browns, and nudes are cozy colors for a welcoming yet chic vibe. This design style can also work well with a monochromatic theme in a space. To achieve this look, include different shades of one color and keep all the accents a similar tone. For example, a pastel blue room can be created by including minimal touches of darker blues mixed with lighter shades and white. Gold, silver, or bronze tones work great for added details like hardware or chair and table legs.

  • Mostly upholstered in white, pale yellow or cream linen fabric or toile
  • Almost all the colors could be used in the French Country Farmhouse interior décor. However, lighter, warmer and pastel colors are most commonly used with certain dark colors like deep green and red.
  • Time worn patinas to showcase it has a story and powdery pastels to add in some life and create contrast for the perfect staging.


Since this style highlights living a luxurious lifestyle in the countryside, it is necessary to include ornate and dramatic elements with rustic ones. Distressed wood and vases for decor emphasize the French twist. Natural materials like raw wood and stone, plaster walls, wooden beams, and floral and botanical motifs make amazing accents throughout the space for this style. For that lush and inviting feel, choose softly patterned fabrics in calming colors like white, cream, or light gray. This style also encourages including vintage furniture pieces with distressed or painted finishes in the design. Structural details like shiplap or exposed beams make sure the room still retains its homey feel. Fireplaces and exposed wood can take the space to the next level by adding details like fresh white paint, candelabras, and greenery.

  • Soft furnishings are opted for warmth and comfort.
  • Use wrought iron as a material for the light fitting.
  • Natural or painted white wood, for more authenticity go for ceramic sink instead of metal.


A mix of classical shapes and embellished details bring this style to life. Including multiple sources of light into your design adds to the French Country Style, whether that be light from windows, bulbs, candles, lamps, or chandeliers. Dramatic elements mixed with rustic accents can really communicate this idea further when decorating and choosing materials. It is important to avoid geometric shapes or patterns and simpler forms because this style is more traditional. Other touches to think about for French Country Farmhouse would be to decorate with gilded frames, oversized art, and plastered walls that all can make your space shine. Ornate details in the woodworking of coffee tables or side tables give the room the perfect amount of glamour. Architectural details like sconces, painted brick, dormer windows, and elegant landscaping give it that French Country feel.

  • Use throws and cushions to accessorize.
  • You can also display paintings or ceramics, and farmhouse antiques.
  • For more traditional look opt for ceiling beams as well.


Drawing inspiration from the French countryside after World War I, this interior design style has grown in popularity over the years. It’s effortless and relaxed and clearly translates an Old-World feel. The homes were originally inspired by their surrounding natural elements. During the war, American soldiers became entranced by the ornate and decorative homes that dotted the French countryside. The style grew when they returned and started to build their own interpretations. Since then, this style has developed into modern adaptations but the traditional French Country Farmhouse look continues to captivate.


The French Country Farmhouse design style invites one into the lavender fields of the French countryside. It’s an old-world paradise that celebrates the natural beauty of one’s surroundings. Inspired by the Provincial high-end farm homes and villas, the large windows, rustic wood detailing, ornate furniture, and decor, this design style represents practicality melded with elegance, while highlighting the outdoors. It’s cozy and lavish at the same time and is an intensely desired aesthetic.