French Country Farmhouse


French country farmhouse design is what happens when the practical, down to earth, and clean feel of American Farmhouse style meets the rustic yet elegant villas of the French countryside. With the perfect combination of practicality and elegance, French Country Farmhouse holds the potential to take you deep into the heart of Provence, a colorful countryside in France. French country houses have always been a great point of attraction for numerous decorators and homebuilders because of their rustic yet chic interiors and effortless yet luxurious stylings. This design is subdued and subtle in comparison to the ornate and super luxurious exteriors and interiors of the normal French or Parisian décor and architecture. You can identify these designs with floral and botanical motifs, plaster walls, wooden beams and natural materials like stone and wood. The key for this design is to create contrast between the dramatic details like a rustic farmhouse setting against an exquisite chandelier.


There is a romantic feeling associated with the French country Farmhouse interiors. You are allowed to create your own personalized mise-en-scène (staging) without worrying about the present trends. Furnishings made of weathered wood and you can also choose any furniture from the Mid-century Modern vintage furniture designs

  • Mostly upholstered in white, pale yellow or cream linen fabric or toile
  • Almost all the colors could be used in the French Country Farmhouse interior décor. However, lighter, warmer and pastel colors are most commonly used with certain dark colors like deep green and red.
  • Time worn patinas to showcase it has a story and powdery pastels to add in some life and create contrast for the perfect staging.


Flooring is done by using the natural materials like exposed or flagging stone and treated wooden floors. No carpets are used instead, go for ornate rugs to add warmth to the bare floors.

  • Soft furnishings are opted for warmth and comfort.
  • Use wrought iron as a material for the light fitting.
  • Natural or painted white wood, for more authenticity go for ceramic sink instead of metal.


Although this design is considered as effortless, there are certain things which should be kept in mind while trying to perfect the French Country Farmhouse Design

  • Use throws and cushions to accessorize.
  • You can also display paintings or ceramics, and farmhouse antiques.
  • For more traditional look opt for ceiling beams as well.


Let us take you to the time and place where it all began. It was during World War I; American Soldiers came across the French country homes and got highly inspired by its entire design. After the war, when they returned to the United States, the soldiers brought the French Country or Provencial Style along with themselves and built their own version of French Country homes. These homes actually ended up being the French Country Farmhouses with a bit of American Farmhouse characteristics. It is difficult to find a single concentration of French Country Farmhouse in the United States because soldiers built wherever they settled after the war. French Country décor and architecture is extremely popular even today and it’s a huge inspiration for today’s incredibly popular modern farmhouse décor.


The philosophy behind the French Country Farmhouse Design is to create a perfect balance of beauty and comfort by merging the French elegance with the comfort of country and rustic aesthetic. The idea was to transport the inhabitant to the sweet fragrant fields of lavender in Provence while creating an understated old-world paradise ambience. It aimed at creating a sense of refinement by mixing old and new in balanced, sensible, interesting and soulful ways. If done creatively, this design could be an ideal example of simplicity at its best.