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The Industrial Rustic Modern style caters to the need for space and the love of open floor plans. This style is comfortable, clean, and a mix between rural and urban worlds. Introducing modern elements with sleek straight lines exhibits a chic feel, complimenting the unique and natural textures that can be brought in. A tip for this style would be to include touches of vintage color schemes and patterns to go alongside the modern aspects, bringing in the rustic effect.


Greens, browns, grays, fall colors, and other colors found in nature like a dark green from leaves or a dark orange from a sunset are great options for the rustic side of this style. Taking the look a step further would be to include industrial colors such as white, black, shades of gray, and or brown, in addition to the rustic vibe. Sometimes the burnt orange and brown from exposed brick is a nice touch for decoration, and light beiges and light creams add warmth and openness to the area. Balancing the sleek modern, industrial aspects, and rustic elements will produce an effortless liveable experience.

  • While looking for the wooden pieces, go for the furniture which seems to have a history or with a weathered look.
  • Gray, white, brown or black all the colors are pretty intense and gives a sophisticated, peaceful, reliable, and classy vibe respectively.
  • Accents colors are often used but with great restraints for adding in some drama.


The industrial rustic-modern design style focuses on highlighting the “unfinished” aspects of a building, therefore turning what could be considered empty, plain, used, or old into an aesthetic. Exposed brick, natural elements, and types of metal when mixed with softer finishes and textures are key to creating a dynamic style. Lots of wood, metal, concrete finishes, and light tones and textures can give the look of bringing the outdoors in. Casual sophistication can be seen when distressed wood and dark metals are mixed. When lighting is defined, the space can be lit almost like a luxurious art gallery.

  • Hardwood or Concrete floors are both popular, but hardwood floors look more natural.
  • Reclaimed woods are the best to add in the warmth and contrast the cool metallic elements.
  • Steel, iron, copper, glass, brass or chrome is often used. Do not limit the metals to the fixtures, use it in other things like kitchen bar stools or shelving units as well.


Common accents of the rustic-modern design include lots of straight sleek lines paired with traditional pieces, flat roofs, side stairwells, open floorplans, and visible ductwork and pipes. Extra ornamental objects or decorations are seen less within this style, so as not to over clutter the area and leave breathing room for light to shine through and add comfort. Vintage shapes and forms bring about the rustic side and complete the overall look. Common light fixtures, furniture, and design pieces have come from the industrial rustic-modern such as the distressed “L”-shaped desk or geometric metal chandeliers.

  • Mixing old and new materials, combine different metals and woods for example have a steel framed mirror and vintage wooden vanity in bathroom
  • Introducing some chrome or high sheen steel accents in the kitchen.
  • Using plants to bring some warmth to the décor, specially the bigger plants.


The style takes inspiration from the late 19th and 20th-century factories that were designed to accommodate larger groups of people within a decluttered space. This way, more work was able to be done efficiently. The Industrial Revolution moved over from Europe and high-ceiling buildings and narrow structures with large windows became popular. They were originally made up of materials such as brick, iron, steel, concrete, and designed to last over long periods of time. Today, the industrial-rustic modern design provides a chic and comfortable spacious look.


Informal elegance plays a large role in portraying this style. The “unfinished look” of exposed natural and manufactured elements creates a contemporary yet nostalgic feel at the same time. Simple light fixtures mixed with distressed wood treatments are great touches for this look. Although it is intended to be practical and useful rather than definitively attractive, the style continues to inspire the love of natural, raw, and original aspects of life that ooze out of its aesthetic.