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Investor Relations








Applied Internet Technology, Inc. is a Delaware corporation with its principal place of business located at:


180 Erma Court Suite 160 Chico, Ca 95928


The Company was founded in 2018 by Daniel Travers.


It currently has a staff of 5 people, and more than dozen contractors, and is slated to expand further.

Curativly “Curated Creatively” represents the most comprehensive and exciting online platform in the home renovation and remodeling space. Over the last two years, the Company has reached several milestones creating a cutting-edge Virtual 3D room design tool housed within a world class eCommerce enabled platform.




Curativly "Curated Creatively" empowers the end user / consumer to complete an entire home remodel using our disruptive, ground-breaking, interactive 3D technology. The technology has democratized the process of both design and configuration as all products within designated room suites are curated by interior designers and product experts, ensuring every room is cohesive in both architectural style and functionality.

Curativly’s team has made exhaustive strides to remove many of the pain points that consumers experience with incumbents, both online and brick and mortar today. Leveraging the best practices in aggregation and logistics, customers enjoy a single shipment at a white glove service level. Each customer is referred to qualified installers that are extensively vetted by third party experts, to be licensed, bonded and insured, and to facilitate a hassle-free installation with up front pricing. Through a partnership with both Prosper financial, and dividend finance, Curativly customers will have access for financing both the cost of the fixtures as well as installation in a few easy steps online.




The marketing strategy: New customers are introduced to Curativly through a marketing plan with multiple touch-points, beginning with Micro Influencers and Brand Ambassadors leveraging social audiences with maximum reach at a fraction of the cost of traditional digital ad costs. Brand Ambassadors and Key Influencers enjoy actively engaged audiences where they have engendered consumer loyalty. Through their use of our platform, we can clearly communicate the message of how easy, hassle free, and perhaps most relevantly, how fun Curativly is to use.




The following sets forth each director, principal director, and other control person:


Name: Daniel Edward Travers

Position/Title: President and Chairman of the Board


Name: Daniel Robinson Follett

Position/Title: Board Member


Name: Floyd Eugene Damschen

Position/Title: Board Member


Name: Patrick Panella

Position/Title: VP of Virtual Technology


Name: Benjamin Burwell

Position/Title: VP of Operations and Logistics


Name: Subhed Chavan

Position/Title: VP of Technology


Name: Cayle Hunter

Position/Title: VP of Sales and Marketing


Any vacancies that occur on the board will be filled by a majority vote of the remaining directors. Officers of the Company serve at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


All investors should note that we have been approached by a number of highly-qualified individuals that would like to be involved with our company.   Therefore, please don’t be surprised if you see changes in staffing in the near future.


We may also establish an informal Executive Advisory Board with appointments made by the Board of Directors. The role of the Executive Advisory Board will be to assist our management with general business and strategic planning. We intend to compensate Executive Advisory Board members with any combination of cash, common stock, or stock options.


Our Certificate of Incorporation and bylaws provide blanket indemnification for our directors and officers to the fullest extent permissible under Delaware law. The Company has entered into indemnification agreements with members of the management team that indemnify, defend and hold harmless these members from liability incurred in connection with their duties as officers and directors of the Company.


We maintain insurance policies under which the directors and officers of the Company will be insured, against certain losses arising from claims made against such directors and officers by reason of any acts or omissions in their respective capacities as directors or officers, including liabilities under the Securities Act.




Through the COVID-19 crises, we’ve continued to intelligently measure our business model against the “new normal” trends facing our customers. Through our diligent review, we’ve determined the necessity to retool both our product selections and our platform at large, which through forward thinking, we expect to provide us the durability and longevity requisite for a successful future and return on investment.


The Company intends to raise up to $360,000.00 in this offering. 


The Common Stock will be offered in a private placement offering pursuant to an exemption from registration under Rule 506 of Regulation D promulgated under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, under exemptions under applicable state securities laws, and in reliance upon the representations and warranties of each of the purchasers that they are purchasing the Common Stock for investment purposes and not with a view to any resale or distribution thereof.


The Company aims to raise $360,000, however the Company reserves the right to adjust this target depending upon Investor interest.  All funds raised will be immediately available for use by the Company, as shown below, without impound or escrow.


The proceeds from the sale of the Shares offered hereby will be $360,000 if all 720,000 Shares are sold. The net proceeds from this offering will be used to expand marketing, sales and distribution capabilities and provide working capital. The following itemizes the estimated use of proceeds if $360,000 is raised:


  • Intended Use: Employee & Contract Labor: $215,000

  • Intended Use: General & Administration: $35,000

  • Intended Use: Equipment Upgrades: $10,000


The expenditures projected in the foregoing list are estimates based on management projections of the operating needs of the business. Although the amounts set forth represent our present intentions with respect to proposed expenditures, actual expenditures may vary substantially, depending upon future developments such as marketing decisions, sales activity, and certain other factors.


The following sets forth the actual capitalization of the Company prior to the Offering:  


The total Company capitalization of $1,450,000.00.


The following description of certain matters relating to the securities of the Company does not purport to be complete and is subject in all respects to applicable Delaware law and to the provisions of the Company's certificate of incorporation ("Certificate of Incorporation") and bylaws (the "Bylaws").


Each share of Common Stock entitles the holder thereof to one vote on all matters submitted to a vote of the shareholders. The holders of Common Stock do not have preemptive rights or rights to convert their Common Stock into other securities. Holders of Common Stock are entitled to receive, pro rata, such dividends as may be declared by our Board of Directors out of legally available funds. Upon liquidation, dissolution or winding up of the Company, and after payment of creditors and the liquidated preference to preferred stockholders, if any, the assets will be divided pro-rata on a share-for-share basis among the holders of the shares of Common Stock. All shares of Common Stock now outstanding are fully paid, validly issued and non-assessable.


The certificates representing the Shares being offered hereby will bear a legend to the effect that the Shares represented by the certificate are not registered under the Act, or under the securities laws of any state, and therefore cannot be transferred unless properly registered under the Act or pursuant to an opinion of counsel satisfactory to counsel to the Company that an exemption from the Act is available.


The Company currently intends to retain its earnings for future growth and, therefore, does not anticipate declaring any dividends in the foreseeable future. The Company would expect that determinations to pay dividends on its shares would be based primarily upon the financial condition, results of operations, regulatory and business capital requirements, any restrictions contained in financing or other agreements binding upon the Company, and other factors that the board of directors deems relevant. 




Of the total capitalization of approximately $1,450,000 the company has spent an estimated 68% on R&D, 14% on Administrative Costs, 7% on Capital Improvements and 11% on Market Research since inception.  




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