Spanish Eclectic


Spanish Eclectic design is the combination of the ornate yet natural Spanish Style with the funky Eclectic style that has no rules. Spanish design is popular because it is usually associated with feelings, an atmosphere or sometimes even an era. Eclectic design is about combining designs of different periods or sometimes not even the complete period, but only a few elements or characteristics of the era. Spanish Eclectic style is the harmonious blend of the best features associated with different Spanish Designs like Spanish Colonial designs, Spanish Baroque, Spanish Herrerian style, and many more. This design is a key to unlock all your Spanish décor dreams, in creating the atmosphere of Spain’s sun-drenched patios, traditional fincas, or rustic villas.


Using Stucco Texture for the wall treatments is the birth right of the Spanish style homes. It gives a completely different flavor to this style. While texturing you enjoy the freedom of playing with the colors for instance incorporating a basic color with a variety hues or shades than blends in a harmonious way creating a sense of dimension and texture.

  • Warm oranges and reds in terracotta represents the joy, energy and attention-grabbing characteristics of a Spanish eclectic house
  • White, greys, browns, beiges or other wood color often used as colorings in the tiles or other painted surface adds in the vibe of newness, reliance, sophistication and connected to nature.
  • Deep yellows like mustard & ochre or deep greens signifies cheerfulness, vitality, peace and refreshment; Blues, pinks and purples in different shades common in southwestern designs adds in the depth romance and royalty.


Tile or Stone flooring is the most popular in this design style. They are universal for warmer climate areas, as they keep cool. Using black colored wrought iron as an accent material is very common in any Spanish Eclectic interior design. Brass accent pieces are also often used in Spanish décor.

  • Dark hardwood can also be used in the Spanish style to achieve a more utilitarian look. You can offset the ruggedness with woven rugs!
  • Copper and gold can invoke a sense of sunshine and abundance
  • Clear glass accents can bring out wrought iron fixtures. Matte blacks and texture backs can also work well.


wood in the dark shade is also used as accents wall décor like a relief carvings, panels, mirror or picture frame, wooden candle holders. It could also be used in the form of carved headboard in the bedroom along with the matching nightstand accents, terracotta or ceramic large vases in the corner.

  • Rich dark woods, plain or carved are often used in framing the windows. Sometimes the punched tin accents are also used.
  • Rich fabrics such as velvet in bright warm color.
  • Hand painted tiles that combine glossy and matte finishes give a wonderful depth to any space.


Spanish Eclectic design began as an architectural style movement that arose at the dawn of 20th century. Its roots could be traced back to the Spanish colonial architecture, a style evolved by the commingling of the décor style of the colonists Spain and the local Native Americans. However, it does share some similarities with the Moorish, Mediterranean and old country Spanish styles. Spanish Revival received the national exposure through the Panama-California Exposition of 1915, San Diego by celebrating the Spanish Colonial, Spanish Baroque and Moorish Revival styles. The rapid growing population in California were so mesmerized by the richness of the Spanish Architecture that they incorporated the architecture and its aesthetics into many different types of buildings. This design is still immensely popular in the United States particularly in Florida, Texas and California where its extremely easy to find either its faithful translations or any kind of loose interpretations.


Spanish Eclectic Design is the celebration of different forms of the magnificent Spanish style. It also depicts the history of Spain in a way as it borrows some inspirations from the baroque styles or the most popular Spanish Colonial designs which showcase the impact of Spain’s architecture on the Native American architecture when it was a Spanish Colony. To sum up Spanish Eclectic is not just a design or style or architecture, it is an emotion, an era, or even better a folklore.